High-reliability (hi-rel) components differ from their commercial counterparts in characteristics, as they are subject to extreme temperatures, harsh environments, and excessive stress. The performance of these components is highly emphasized, and as the name suggests, reliability is the underlying factor when it comes to adopting these components for various applications.


The actual production process of a hi-rel component is highly time-consuming. This is because the process involves detailed handling procedures, additional conformance testing and inspection, quality checks, and so on to ensure that the resulting end product has superior performance and quality. In order to ensure optimum performance and 100 percent survival rate under extreme environments, these components are subject to various kinds of tests such as thermal and mechanical shock, exposure to moisture and humidity, high temperatures, salt fog, and so on. This is pertinent in order to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the actual application areas in which these components are deployed. Some areas of applications that require hi-rel components include space, military and defense, test and measurement, wireless mobile communications, automotive, medical, and other industrial applications

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