Paricon Technologies was founded more than thirteen years ago by a Bell Telephone Laboratory expert in interconnection technology with the intent of developing next generation separable interconnection solutions before they are needed by its customers. In this way, Paricon has continuously been an industry leader in interconnection solutions with a growing family of leading edge products that address the advanced needs of the electronic Industry. Among the many firsts introduced by Paricon are:

Paricon was the first company to provide separable interconnection capability at a contact pitch of 100 microns.

In anticipation of the growing need for separable interconnection at ever increasing bandwidth, Paricon has developed a cost effective contactor capability that has very low loss at 60 GHz and above.

As device pitch goes below 0.5 mm, the feasibility and cost of test boards has become a major challenge to the industry. Paricon, in anticipation of this need, introduced its patented Space Transformer Technology 6 years before the introduction of 0.4 mm devices.

Conventional contactors damage the contact pads on test boards greatly increasing the cost of test. Paricon was the first company to provide life extender interposer capability that makes it possible to extend test board life with any contactor to over 2 million test cycles. Expensive Test boards can now outlast the device product cycle.

High performance, impedance matched board to board interconnect for co-axial and flex circuit systems which are electrically invisible up to 40 GHz is a standard capability for Paricon.

Benefits of the PariPoserĀ® Anisotropic Conductive Interconnection Fabric by Paricon Technologies Corporation:

  • Conducts only in the Z-Axis
  • Provides multiple signal paths per pad
  • Exceeds Industry electronic needs
  • Extendable to very high density
  • Interconnect at 40 GHz and beyond
  • Extends interconnection capabilities to new dimensions

Visco-Elastic Interconnection Fabric, properly implemented, has the ability to meet the electronic  packaging industry performance and objectives for many years to come.