Our product groups in the Laboratory Instrumentation:
  • Climate chambers
  • Universal testing machines with extensometers, computers and printers
  • Tensile testing machines
  • Train and compression testing machines, microprocessor controlled
  • Stereo Microscopes
  • Trinocular Microscopes
  • Binocular microscopes
  • Monocular microscopes
  • Thermostats / Cryostats

RF and Microwave Meters

  • Spectrum Analyzers

RF Generators

  • RF Signal Generators
  • RF Amplifier
  • Signal Generators - Digital Modulation


Customized Measuring Equipment / RF modules

We are specialized to configure the instruments  according to your needs.

We can offer the following configurations:

  • Number of Channels
  • Type of input and output jacks (eg LEMO 1B, BNC, ...)
  • Gain (eg 0/20/40 dB or other steps manually controlled or controlled via USB, RS232, ...)
  • One or more filters (for example, A-filter, high pass filter, ....)
  • Power supply via 230V AC, 12V DC, USB
Flexible platforms for diagnostic tasks in development, production and service.

The Electronics-Vision GmbH provides a cost effective and rapid implementation of customer-specific requirements in the development of diagnostic systems. This is achieved through combined provision of various diagnostic modules.


  • Read data (for example values)
  • Write data (e.g. encodings)
  • Actuators control, data / values ​​/ status change (eg, routines)
  • Response on Event
  • Fault and event memory management
  • Logic for Security Access Level

Off-Board Diagnostics:

The flexible HM system contains the basic hardware platforms with varying degrees of complexity, configurable inputs and outputs and applications. These will be expanded depending on the application or specialized.

On-Board Diagnostics:

Company assists in the creation of the on-board diagnostic cost-optimized and fast implementation of the diagnostic requirements. For this purpose, the knowledge of the off-board diagnosis and ECU development experience in using. The software can be customized via a control unit for the code generator creates connect and also tested with the specifications in order to ensure an optimal error-free development.